We are thrilled to announce our partnership with V3Limited. With deep experience serving family offices, V3Limited provides expert resources and solutions for challenged private investments. Across the private investment spectrum: private equity, debt, venture capital, and real estate, family offices are increasing their allocation to private fund and direct investments. But concurrent with this growth has been a dramatic increase in the percentage and number of challenged private direct and fund investments – even in this current healthy market. The actual and opportunistic cost of getting stuck in an underperforming investment is typically substantial. V3 provides a proactive, discreet and transparent solution for their clients. Their proven work to aggregate and align stakeholder interests serves to drive value for, and accelerate the path to, successful realizations.

Through this relationship, Diamond Wealth Strategies will be able to offer its Family Office clients expert solutions for dealing with underperforming investments, and ultimately, the means to accelerate the liquidity of assets so the family can put capital to use in a way that adds value to their investment portfolios.

This partnership presents an innovative and effective solution for Diamond Wealth and the distinguished clients we serve. By partnering with V3, we are now able to offer our clients a way to address inherent challenges in their existing private investment portfolio - even the most sophisticated, best in class family offices may benefit.