We are pleased to announce that Diamond Wealth Strategies has entered into a partnership with Schillings Partners.

Schillings is the only business in the world to deploy - under one roof - intelligence experts, investigators, cyber specialists, risk consultants, lawyers and top people from the military, banking and government.

By operating as one team, Schillings shortens the time it takes to solve a reputation problem or a privacy threat. When there’s a crisis, they run point for us, by deploying their combined experience in intelligence, investigations, risk, cyber and law to zero in on the source of our clients problem and fix it.

Their Family Team advises our clients whose wealth is often spread across multiple jurisdictions. Their approach combines legal rigour with the utmost sensitivity and discretion to protect our clients interests at the most difficult of times.

This is a big step in the evolution and growth of Diamond Wealth Strategies. By partnering with Schillings Partners, we now have the capability of offering our 85 Family Office clients world class protection in all aspects of their business and personal lives. Unfortunately, we live in a world where this service has become more and more relevant.