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A Community
of Family Offices

Diamond Wealth is a boutique financial services firm focusing exclusively on the unique goals and objectives of Family Offices.

We represent over 100 Single Family Offices ranging in size from $250 million to $30 billion and have excellent relationships with hundreds of others throughout the country.

In general, many Family Offices that have been created are inefficient, fragmented, and work in silos.  

The vision of Diamond Wealth is to create a community of like-minded Family Offices who want to collaborate, share best practices, and institutionalize the Family Office community.

This Includes:

Many of the investments we make are deals that are not shopped in the marketplace or by a third party and instead are brought to us directly from a Family Office wanting to invest directly with other Family offices.  The end result is a better alignment of interest, lower fees, strategic partners, and patient capital.



Surprisingly, only 25% of the Family offices make it to the second generation, 10% make it to the third generation, and 5% make it to the fourth generation. By sharing best practices in areas such as succession planning, estate planning, wealth transfer, education for the next generation, philanthropy, and impact investing, we increase the likelihood that a Family Office will continue its legacy.

We have created a podcast designed specifically to educate the Family Office community.


Impact investing has exploded over the past decade with nearly 1/3 of all Family Offices investing in impact investments. Roughly 1/2 are predicted to invest in this space over the next 3-5 years.


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