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Monroe Capital is a private credit asset management firm specializing in direct lending and opportunistic private credit investing. Since 2004, the firm has provided private credit solutions to borrowers in the U.S. and Canada. Monroe’s market lending platform provides senior and junior debt financing to businesses, special situation borrowers, and private equity sponsors. Investment types include ultrafiche financings; cash flow, asset-based and enterprise value based loans; and equity co-investments. Monroe is committed to being a value-added and user-friendly partner to business owners, senior management, and private equity and independent sponsors.



Our mission at ALTI is to make PE work for everyone. We have been fortunate to partner with some incredible institutions and have made tremendous progress in the year since ALTI was founded. We look forward to posting more information about the need for retail investor access to private equity and how ALTI plans to disrupt this massive, untapped industry.


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p-Chip Corporation is a fabless semiconductor company based in Chicago. The p-Chip technology is a novel and disruptive foundational platform technology.
PCC provides digital authentication and securitization of global supply chain management for large industrial markets. The technology offers compelling economic and security benefits through its ability to uniquely and incorruptibly serialize any tangible items for authentication and tracking.


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InvestBev is the premier adult beverage investing fund in the food and beverage category.  General Partner Brian Rosen is a 30-year wine, beer, and spirit veteran who has held leadership roles at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Anheuser-Busch. The fund seeks to invest in two main conditional sectors.
1. The cash flowing brand(s) that needs a strategic alliance with industry veterans and support in marketing, sales, and distribution, M&A, and exit.

2. The Covid-19 impacted brand that is fundamentally strong but lacking sales because of current market conditions that are likely to continue for 12 to 18 months.
Growth Fund II is the second raise by InvestBev.  The first raise returned to approx.  3-4x IRR
The company leadership and the board are made up of industry leaders and the board is made up of industry leaders as well as leaders in finance, marketing, investing, and sales.


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The Next Unicorn is a nationally syndicated television show slated to disrupt the capital-raising process by providing companies access to the largest Financial and Mass Media Network’s influential global audience reaching 72 million homes and 37 million people digitally. The next Unicorn will engage audiences and provide value on a scale that is truly unprecedented.


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Vertical is one of the first and largest vertically integrated companies in the legal medical cannabis industry. We have our operations in AZ, CA, and KY, combined with strategic partnerships in OH, and additional plans for expansion to other states, which position us to take advantage of the legalization and normalization of cannabis globally. Vertical is led by an executive team of entrepreneurs and business leaders from the alcohol beverage, agriculture, CPG, distribution, entertainment, food, healthcare, and medical industries. Vertical's operations include planning, permitting, development and operation of cultivation, extraction, manufacturing and distribution. We have world class capabilities in product development, co-packing, branding, marketing, distribution and legal compliance. Vertical does Everything Pertaining to Green.


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OnePointOne will usher in a new era of automated food production and restore food’s role in the lives of humans. We aim to become essential infrastructure in the cities in the future, supplying urban populations with a safe, sustainable, and fresh food supply. Our goal is to feed 1.1 billion people by 2040.


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Life365 is a Digital Health as a Service (DHaaS) software platform that is a highly scalable, solution agnostic platform, driven by Engagement Analytics / AI to allow Enterprise Customers to Align, Integrate and Engage Patients.

Life365 integrates devices, systems, applications, education, and incentives to align with specific user needs to enable maximum engagement. This alignment promotes greater adoption and adherence, which results in lower healthcare costs and increased return on investment (ROI) for enterprise clients.

Life365 tackles the problems in the healthcare system with an integrated platform that is hardware and system agnostic utilizing a single interface. Similar to SaaS, our streamlined platform provides significant savings in time and money for installation and updates by unifying a range of disparate solutions in a more efficient and scalable manner.

The Life365 Platform is built on the core pillars of Integration, Alignment, and Engagement to provide a more complete and flexible way to deliver and consume healthcare that does not exist on the market today.

Life365 addresses our clients’ most pressing pain points: solution alignment with patient stratification, vetting solution efficacy and outcomes, solution distribution, and connecting with under-engaged users to increase adherence.

Life365 efficiently connects clinicians to remotely located patients to gather more actionable information from a greater population to get the best results.


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Smart World Pro was created for the people responsible for designing, constructing, and managing complex, large-scale building projects, properties, and real estate portfolios.

Users leverage our digital twin solutions to easily aggregate, query, visualize, and analyze all their data in a single 3D dashboard uniquely crafted to suit their needs.



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The Peace Innovation Institute coordinates the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford and our City Lab network around the world. Our mission is to increase positive peace via digital and real world urban-scale innovations. Our active and growing global community consists of thought leaders and practitioners from the fields of behavior design, game design, innovation, computer science, social technologies and finance.

The PII acts as a bridge between the peace/justice/humanitarian ecosystem in the Hague and the technology/innovation/investment communities at Stanford and Silicon Valley. We develop and apply systematic approaches to build and strengthen innovation ecosystems. By connecting both worlds we aim to catalyze a new for profit peace technology sector.

Two of our lighthouse projects are the Peace Data Standard and Blockchain Society Lab.

The Peace Data Standard addresses a capital dilemma for both investors and companies who are looking to invest in or considered ESG Index compliant. Through our research we have found that investors are having difficulty defining, discovering and investing in companies that fulfill the Social aspect of ESG. Likewise companies don't have a consistent way of demonstrating their social impact. The Peace Data Standard provides a common reference for companies to identify, monitor and report the positive peace they create in the world and it also gives investors a common reference to evaluate and make strategic investments that reward peace creation. 

The Blockchain Society Lab researches how Blockchain based systems can serve as an operating system for society and achieve a greater degree of collaboration - hence contribution to peace - between the different stakeholders of society. 

We believe that the blockchain sector and its technologies with the related cryptographic innovations will deliver features that can be used to design more democratic and resilient governance structures for our digital society.


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Chairman of Stanford University’s Board of Advisors for the Global Projects Center and Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities Program. Coordinate activities and work with faculty members and Ph.D. candidates among five Stanford Schools including Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Law, and Medicine. 

Its mission is to help transform disruptive technology into practical opportunities for research for their faculty and students while providing new insight for commercial applications for its members.

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