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p-Chip Automotive

As a Member of the Advisory Board of p-Chip, it is incredible to watch this new innovative technology take off. This has the potential to be a game changer for multiple industries.

In a package as small as a grain of salt, p-Chip delivers an extremely durable technology that lets manufacturers track virtually anything, anywhere, with never-before-seen granularity and cost-efficiency.

This isn’t tech for tech’s sake. It’s a breakthrough designed for the realities of the auto industry, delivering advanced, highly secure vehicle- component tracking at a scalable price.

By affixing p-Chip to virtually any part, and associating it with a specific Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), manufacturers can now track and manage components on a vehicle-specific basis, including

Critical Safety Components (CSC)

Electronic components

Frequently counterfeited components

Remember the days when a recall could involve an entire production run, because there was no way to associate effected parts with specific VINs? Or authentic parts, for that matter? Those days are gone.


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