Diamond Wealth is a boutique, holistic financial services firm catering exclusively to the unique needs of Single Family Offices.
We currently represent over 100 Family Offices ranging in size from $250 million to $20 billion. As a result, we have been able to develop very strong relationships within the entire Family Office ecosystem.


We help Single Family Offices navigate the entire spectrum of investments in the alternative asset space. This includes advice on private equity investments, real estate investments, venture capital investments, hedge funds and other investments that are not in the public market. Ronald Diamond, the Chairman and CEO of Diamond Wealth, is a prolific speaker in the Family Office world and has spoken at dozens of Family Office conferences about investing in alternative assets. As a result, we have been able to surround ourselves and partner with many of the top investment professionals in the country.


Diamond Wealth works with Family Offices in identifying strategies that may minimize transfer taxes such as gift, estate, and generation skipping taxes while maintaining the family's planning objectives. We accomplish this by working closely with a client's existing advisor network to understand the nature of their assets, estate plan and objectives in a comprehensive manner. We have the top experts in the country as part of our team.


Diamond Wealth offers the services of a middle market investment bank specializing in merger & acquisition advisory, institutional private placements of debt and equity, financial restructuring and corporate turnaround, valuation and strategic consulting. Our clients are Family Offices, primarily in the middle market,operating in the US and internationally. We are deeply committed to to exceeding client expectations and maintaining the highest levels of integrity. Our experienced professionals have the foresight necessary to navigate through highly complicated transactions to maximize value for our clients.


Diamond Wealth provides expert resources and solutions for challenged private investments of Family Offices. Across the private investment spectrum: private equity, debt, real estate, and venture capital, Family Offices are increasing their allocation to private fund and direct investments. But concurrent with this growth has been a dramatic increase in the percentage and number of challenged private private direct and fund investments — even in this current healthy market. The actual and opportunistic cost of getting stuck in an underperforming investment is typically substantial. We provide a proactive, discreet and transparent solution for our clients. Our proven work to aggregate and align stakeholder interests serves to drive value for, and accelerate the path to, successful realizations. We can thus accelerate the liquidity of assets so the Family Office can put capital to use in a way that adds value to their investment portfolio.


Diamond Wealth has partnered with one of the leading philanthropic advisors in the country — Caren Yanis. Caren is the former President of Crown Family Philanthropies and Executive Director of the Oprah Winfrey Foundations. We are thus able to offer our Family Office clients "best in class" services that include:

  • Governance design that reflects founder and family intent
  • Methods for identifying and engaging trustees
  • Coaching and leadership training
  • Nest gen training and connection to family values
  • Tools and learning agenda for strategic giving
  • Legacy, capital, and global giving
  • Giving during times of natural disasters and active conflict
  • Portfolio evaluation and results driven learning and planning

We work with clients to review short and long term philanthropic objectives in consideration of the family's goals. We provide insight into a variety of governance models and methods for trustee engagement as well as single generation planning with an eye on tax compliant philanthropic vehicles that allow donors the flexibility to execute on objectives. We help develop customized philanthropic planning and strategies based on the interests and values of Family Offices. Our team works with trustees and Family Office professionals at a pace comfortable for clients. We work closely with existing advisor networks to understand the nature of philanthropic assets and goals in a comprehensive manner. Lastly, we offer objective and clear communication that engages family members to subject area learning and methods for decision making. We help individuals and families make a difference in the world in meaningful ways.


Diamond Wealth has a global strategic partnership with leading ESG (environmental, social, governance) firm, Madeira Global. In tailoring its investment offerings to new market opportunities, Diamond wealth can develop investment offerings that incorporate greater consciousness of social and environmental impact. This ensures a cohesive and results-oriented solution for the distinguished clients we serve. By utilizing a proprietary ESG evaluation and scoring framework, we enable clients to satisfy increasing demand for transparency while supporting a more informed investment decision-making process.


Diamond Wealth has a global strategic partnership with Schillings Partners. Schillings is the only business in the world to deploy — under one roof — intelligence experts, investigators, cyber specialists, risk consultants, lawyers and top people from the military, banking and government. By operating as one team, we are able to shorten the time it takes to solve a reputation problem or a private threat. When there's a crisis we deploy their combined experience in intelligence, investigations, risk, cyber, and law to zero in on the source of our clients problem and fix it. Our team advises our clients whose wealth is often spread across multiple jurisdictions. This approach combines legal rigor with the utmost sensitivity and discretion to protect our clients interests in the most difficult of times.


Diamond Wealth has created a customized, Excel-based reporting package for our clients' portfolio. We tailor the outputs to the client's liking and, where possible, automate and update process to just a few button clicks. Many Family Offices have diverse portfolios that are a combination of marketable securities, hedge funds, private equity investments, real estate investments, direct investments, private property, art, and other assets. They often receive an overwhelming amount of reporting packages that summarize each holding independently; but a consolidation of the whole portfolio is something many Family Offices wish they had, but don't.