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With $10 trillion in assets, Family Offices could be at a tipping point

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

The pandemic has created an opportunity for Family Offices to take a more hands-on approach by investing directly in companies that need capital. These Family Offices have chosen to bypass private equity and venture capital funds — which have high minimum investments and sizable fees — to invest directly in companies, either by themselves or with other Family Offices. In fact, 83 percent of Single Family Offices in the world make direct investments in companies. For Family Offices, what has been an economic and health crisis for others is an opportunity to make money by throwing a financial lifeline to distressed businesses. The stock market may have rebounded quickly as investors looked past growing hot spots around the country, but these Family Offices are betting that the public markets are overvalued and that more predictable and steadier returns are to be had through private investments. And Family Offices are investing in what they know. Technology led the way, with tech-funded Family Offices committing 82 percent of their direct investments to tech companies. Real estate Family Offices were second with more than two-thirds of their investments in real estate. #familyoffice #tiger21 #stanford


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